Support Subscription

From onsite checkup to phone and email helpdesk, we offer a full-suite of Support Packages to ensure your clients are always assisted by product experts and consultants.
Your client’s requirements don’t end after a successful project implementation. They will need reliable specialists to proactively monitor their system, update the software as they grow, and help them solve any problems they might encounter along the way. Your in-house workforce can do it for you – but at the cost of time-consuming trainings, onsite, and remote assistance. Let our highly-skilled Support Team assist your customers and deliver enterprise-level support at the global scale without affecting your core operations.
Here are your different options for support packages:

Package Features silver gold platinum
Problem Response Time within 2 days or less within 24 hours within 4 hours
Helpdesk from Mon to Fri from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT+8) yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue
24-hour Solution Library yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue
12 Months Coverage yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue
Handled by a Technical/ Functional Consultant no-circle-gray yes-circle-blue yes-circle-blue
Online Assessment no-circle-gray quarterly monthly

Package Description
Addresses basic customer issues that can be resolved easily. If your client can’t afford any business downtime, this is a cost-effective and convenient assistance scheme for them. We will take care of their basic issues while allowing you to focus on your day-to-day operations. For companies that need onsite and quicker response time, this package offers a higher level of assistance they are looking for. We carefully build this package for a more enhanced approach to some issues your clients may encounter while using the software. This service is designed to meet the challenges caused by more complicated software issues – made perfect to handle bigger customers with complex environments. We carefully integrate various services into a comprehensive package to remediate issues and efficiently deliver your client’s expectations.
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