Outshine Competitors with Outstanding Services

Cut cost. Improve efficiency. Increase profitability.
Compete with large enterprises without the large investment. With Mustard Seed as your outsourcing partner, you will have the support of seasoned specialists every step of the project. Whether your clients need to encode their database, customize the system, or require additional modules, our in-depth services will support you from the ground up. Want to know how you can cater to clients worldwide without leaving your office?

Experience Complete
Database Buildup

The purpose of database build-up is simple, yet the development process need time – which could’ve been allotted to more profitable tasks. Lessen the workload of your in-house IT department, and leave the database encoding to our seasoned IT specialists to execute a swift software deployment afterwards.

Deliver Future-proof
Customization Services

The business world is highly competitive – offer your client a dynamic solution that is scalable as they grow. Our team of highly skilled experts will help them gain a market edge by customizing their software to suit their current and future business needs.

Level-up Your Services with
3rd Party Solutions

There are no ready-made solutions that will fit your client’s criteria perfectly. If your customers have unique features they require, you can now provide it without developing new software from scratch. Our large pool of SAP and NetSuite credited 3rd party applications offer a wide range of functionalities – from payroll to manufacturing, sales, warehouse, and project management to name a few.

Provide Extensive
Software Training

Teaching your clients on how to navigate the software will never be a hassle to you. Either through online or onsite training, our team of accredited professionals can transform your customer’s in-house workforce into skilled software specialists after they undergo our hands-on knowledge transfer.

Top-notch Customer Support

Our services do not end after a smooth project GO Live. Our three-tier subscription packages will ensure that your clients have access to prompt technical and functional support whenever they have concerns. Our scheduled calls and onsite visits will also secure that the implemented software is running at top performance.

Excellent Implementation

We offer three types of implementation to better cater your customers needs. From Offsite, Onsite, and Project Basis, you can choose to avail our entire implementation scheme or choose one or two services – for either partial or full project implementation – depending on the requirements of your clients.
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