Unparalleled Expertise in Every Step

Accelerate your project timeline! Deploy quickly through our proven implementation methodology and adaptive project flow to help your clients be up and running in days. Want to know more?
With two decades of experience in serving SMEs, Mustard Seed has mastered the needs of growing businesses. Our successful deployments enabled us to create a fast and efficient approach that we further improve to suit not only businesses in the Philippines but also enterprises abroad.
Here are the services you can expect from our three-tier Implementation Methodology:


Offer convenience to your client through our offsite services. We will address their concerns via video calls, live chats, email, or telephone support – ensuring that their issues are resolved in a timely manner wherever they may be in the world.


Let our team take care of your clients within their premises. Our specialists will execute your client’s database encoding, forms & reports customization, and third-party solution development to reduce manpower and infrastructure cost.

Project Basis

Our project management team will do any offsite and onsite services for your clients within the agreed number of man-days.

Faster Deployment, Flexible Project Approach

We have formulated our own project methodology for a seamless and organized implementation – minimizing risks and delivering results on time.
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