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MYOB Accounting
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Whether you are just starting out or switching from a manual system, Sage 50 Pro Accounting has the tools you need to organize your business. Sage 50 Pro Accounting makes accomplishing tasks quick and easy, so you can feel confident and focus on moving your business forward.[su_spacer size=”10″]

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Price: HKD 3,980

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Accounting software that makes you feel confident
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Product Benefits
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Some of the benefits you will get from using Sage50 Pro Accounting

  • It’s easy to get up and running, so you can pay bills, invoice customers, and track how much money you have
  • Protect your financial information from unwanted eyes with user-level security and locally installed software
  • Spend more time on your core business because you can quickly breeze through administrative tasks
  • Manage employees
  • Control cash flow and budgets
  • Meet inventory and project needs
  • Works with Microsoft Excel and Word

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Save Time with Efficient Accounting Essentials

  • Invoice customers, pay bills, track receipts
  • Real, double-entry accounting principles
  • Use at-a-glance dashboards for quick insights into your business status

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Organize Your Business

  • Set email alerts to know what requires attention
  • Use Microsoft Excel and Word integration for key tasks
  • Gain further insights using customized reports

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Manage Cash Flow

  • Analyze and forecast your expected payments and receipts with Cash Flow Manager
  • Confirm that you have enough cash to meet current and upcoming obligations

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  • Works with Sage 50 Payroll Solutions
  • Print or direct deposit paychecks

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Take Control of Your Numbers

  • Control user access and secure business data
  • Check for common accounting errors

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Easily Track and Manage Inventory

  • Build inventory assemblies and track customer orders
  • Use Average, LIFO, and FIFO inventory costing methods

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NEW! Integrated Sage E-Marketing

  • Easily create, send, and track marketing emails to your Sage 50 contacts


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Functionality[su_list icon=”icon: caret-right”]System Requirements

  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • Memory (RAM) 1 GB
  • Graphics: 1024 x 768
  • Disk Space 2 GB
  • Optical Drive CD-ROM

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  • Microsoft supported version of Windows XP; Vista; Windows 7; or Windows 8; Windows 10 (with the latest updates from Microsoft)
  • Instruction Manual Language: English, French
  • Operating Language: English, French

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